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Nova Construction offers a diverse range of services to domestic and commercial clients. Our customers are at the centre of our existence and ensuring that they receive an outstanding experience has allowed us to become one of Cornwall’s most respected contractors. No two projects are the same, so we prioritise listening to our clients’ needs and delivering excellence. By incorporating our core values into each of our working practices we have achieved continual growth over the past 16 years. Our highly skilled staff have a combined total of over 600 years of professional experience, providing us with an understanding of countless building techniques and their related characteristics. We have the expertise to offer and implement the most applicable solutions to a multitude of situations.

Nova Construction offer trusted design and build services

Design & Build

Nova Construction provides Design & Build services for residential and commercial clients.

There are four principal elements in the effective design and building of any property: communication, intuitive design, exceptional build quality and unparalleled customer service. By appreciating each of these qualities our clients are consulted at every stage of their project, their design requirements are met and their property is built to the highest of standards. Customer satisfaction is very important to us, whether we are creating a home or workplace, as our aim is for our clientele to be eternally happy with their property. We research new technologies, consider environmental factors and practise new methodologies whilst consistently applying the renowned Nova Construction standard. Our nationally recognised building warranties and experience of designing and building in rural and built-up areas emphasises our commitment to quality and excellence.

Construction services by Nova Construction


Construction services have been at the centre of our business for the past 16 years.

Our team of highly-skilled Masons, Carpenters and Labourers have a combined total of more than 300 years professional experience and are responsible for producing some of Cornwall’s most admired buildings. Our portfolio of previous projects include building multi-million pound homes, renovation solutions for historically significant properties (including listed buildings) and numerous commercial development contracts. By incorporating our core values of honesty, commitment and excellence we produce high quality work for private commissions and formal tender invitations. All members of our construction team pride themselves on the standard of their work and attentive attitude. Appreciating and prioritising the needs of our clients enables our employees not only to fulfil expectations but, most importantly, to exceed them.

Plot procurement services in Cornwall

Plot Procurement

Nova Construction provides assistance in sourcing the perfect plot for your domestic or commercial property.

Cornwall is one of the most desirable counties in the United Kingdom in which to live and work. The balance of lifestyle, opportunities and location continues to attract a range of global investors. Owing to growing infrastructure, improving accessibility and continual investment in services, sourcing and obtaining the perfect plot or property can prove difficult in a competitive market. With our network of contacts and extensive local knowledge, we assist our clients in finding the perfect setting within our beautiful county. Whether they require cliff-top views, private seclusion, a renovation project or a wooded hideaway, we can draw upon multiple avenues to source and secure a desired location or property.

Development services and investor opportunities

Development Projects

Cornwall is evolving and Nova Construction is at the heart of the growth and development.

We have a long and successful history of collaborating with Investors, Property Owners and Developers to create exciting opportunities. Cornwall has a variety of distinctive areas with individual considerations. Understanding applicable markets and appropriate products is intrinsic to maximising the potential of any investment. Our experience, knowledge and range of services has enabled our previous development projects to include luxurious coastal properties and elegant city centre retreats. If you are considering developing land, searching for an investment opportunity or require a contractor who can support you with each stage of your project, Nova Constriction can assist you. Details of our current development project on the desirable North Cornish coast can be found here.