Privacy Policy

How Nova Construction respects its visitor's privacy and manages information.

In accordance with the new EU law (e-Privacy Directive), website owners must make substantial changes to their specific websites that may change the user interaction and engagement experience. The law is an amended policy legislation that requires websites to seek informed consent from its users and visitors to store, retrieve or analyse specific bites of data stored on the user’s computer or connected device.

Visitor traffic information allows website owners to tailor the content on their relevant website(s) to their preferred customer demographic and therefore provide a greater visitor engagement experience. Nova Construction’s Cookie and Data Handling policy below explains how the company respects its visitor’s information and manages provided data. For further information contact Nova Construction’s Webmaster.

Privacy Policy

Respecting the personal information of others.

Cookies are used by almost every website or source of on-line information. The purpose of Cookies is to allow interpretation of specific data. A cookie is a minute file that seeks permission to be placed on your computer’s operating drive. Once approved the file reflects information back to Google. This allows web applications to treat you as an individual visitor rather than a stereotypical user. Allowing a more in-depth engagement experience and applicable content exposure. The cost the user pays for this enhanced level of service is the sharing of their relevant data. Nova Construction Cornwall Limited use Cookies to analyse visitor traffic and interaction sources, such as Google Analytics, Hootsuite and Google URL Shortner. This enables a greater tailor-made visitor experience and ensures the company is continuously optimising its digital presence and external visitor experience. The information automatically logged includes the visitor’s IP address and, through use of Google Analytics, browser types (such as Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.), operating system (such as Windows 10, Mac OS. Etc.), when applicable; the search engine traffic originated from (such as Yahoo, Google, Bing etc.) and the date and time each visitor visits

It is the choice of the user to accept or decline the presence of cookies on their computer operating hard drive. Most web browsers, as a default, automatically accept and retain cookies. However, if a specific user wishes to decline or limit the existence of cookies on their computer, system settings and internet preferences have to be altered manually. This would have a significant detrimental effect on the delivered and experienced tailored service the specific user would experience, potentially preventing the user from benefiting from an entire website or service.

Contact forms and document upload service requires certain information to be entered to utilise the facility. All personal data added and uploaded to Nova Construction’s contact form is used for the purpose of processing and fulfilling the specific enquiry.  If permission is granted by the visitor/enquirer to receive Nova Construction’s newsletter, their provided contact information will be added to an email database for the effective distribution of electronic newsletters. Nova Construction uses a third party mailing list management provider (MailChimp), a secure off-site email distribution vendor, for creating and distributing electronic newsletters. contains links to external websites including Budock Hotel and Unique Home Stays. Nova Construction Cornwall Limited is not responsible for any of these website nor any other website’s, content or privacy policies. Nova Construction Cornwall Limited is only responsible for and

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy statement, feedback relating to our website or a specific query please contact us by clicking here.